Deep Learning Interoperability in MATLAB

Etkinlik Programı ve İçeriği

Ali Demir is a senior application engineer at FİGES Engineering. He works in the area of artificial intelligence, image processing, computer vision and parallel computing. He held software engineering related positions (software engineer, team lead etc.) over 15 years mainly in defence industry software companies.

İlknur Aktemur is an application engineer at FİGES. In her professional and academic life, she works on deep learning, machine learning, medical image processing, data science.

How does MATLAB interoperate with deep learning frameworks?
Importing TensorFlow models to MATLAB
Importing and exporting ONNX networks within MATLAB
MATLAB-Python Co-execution (Python Interface and MATLAB Engine)
   Battery Management Demo
   Importing Lane Detection Pretrained Model

Etkinlik Bilgileri

25 Mart 2022
Ali Demir – Sr.Specialist Application Engineer
İlknur Aktemur – Application Engineer
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