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System Model Creation

System Model Creation

One of the key issues of the project development is system modelling. Problems such as using a non-suitable dissolvent type, or model connection failures can extend the delivery date of a project.

With the experience of long years, and the expert engineers within its organization, FİGES Engineering creates solutions to both physical and mathematical modelling in the system modelling field.

System Model Creation

Figure 1: System Model Creation

The model-based design is created by using MATLAB’s Simulink toolbox. This system modelling process, which is proceeded by incorporating block diagrams, ensures a much faster project completion.

Figure 2: Physical Modeling

When it comes to the physical modelling, the physical system is created by using MATLAB’s Simscape toolbox. Hydraulic designs, thermal analyses, electrical power analyses as well as other similar physical systems can be modelled by taking advantage of the characteristics of the parts forming the system.

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