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  • Having been convinced that the “Molten Salt Reactor” – MSR is the most efficient nuclear energy system to process thorium since 2016, Dr. Tarık Öğüt, the Chair of FIGES and Dr. Reşat Uzmen, known for his studies on nuclear fuels and nuclear materials, have started to work on establishing relationships with the international entities, companies, and research centers. Several seminars have been organized to explain why thorium fuel cyclic MSR is important for Turkey to various scientific organizations, including the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey – TÜBİTAK.


    As a result of the negotiations carried out with the project coordinator for being included in the EU-funded SAMOFAR project, which involve various participants from Europe, FIGES was accepted into the SAMOFAR project as an active observer within the scope of a substantial business package.

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    To introduce the Molten Salt Reactors using the thorium fuel cycle in Turkey and generate a discussion among the expert scientists on the subject, FİGES has participated in and contributed to several domestic and abroad symposiums and workshops focusing on the thorium energy, as well as the 4th Generation nuclear reactor technologies.


    By using the experience and knowledge gained since 2016, FİGES has funded a project to develop an MSR-type reactor. Leveraging the communication network, as well as the calculation experience accumulated during the SAMOFAR project, this project was launched with the goal of creating a solution for Turkey’s dependency on imports to meet her energy needs.

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  • The Department of Nuclear Technology was established at FİGES R&D Center (Ankara) to assess the safety of and analyze the nuclear components and systems pertaining to the conventional “Pressurized Water Reactors” being built in our country, in terms of thermal-hydraulic or structural strength. Taking the need for support the nuclear safety and licensing works of TAEK and its successor Nuclear Regulation Authority (NDK) into account, the necessary steps are being taken to get FİGES authorized as a Technical Support Organization (TSO). Within this scope, a collaboration has been initiated with the Germany Reactor Safety authority.

  • Since the studies to evaluate and classify the vast amount of rare earth elements and thorium ores found in Turkey enable the production of the thorium – which can be used at the Molten Salt Reactors –, FİGES continues to offer its contributions, as well as its technological infrastructure by showing no hesitation to take part in the studies to do its share in this field. Thus, FİGES has attended the relevant workshops and working groups organized by the public authorities within this scope as an invitee.

  • In addition to the services provided for developing new generation reactors, performing technical support services in the field of nuclear technology, and separating Rare Earth Elements, FİGES carries out R&D works in different fields within its organization. Among the subjects that have interested FİGES in the recent years are the studies focusing on producing radiopharmaceutical medication, which is used in the field of nuclear medicine.

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