Smart Prosthesis

Bionic Hand

There are over 15 million people in the world who has lost at least one organ. The patients having lost their hands due to an illness or accident are offered with several options in the global markets, varying between passive, conventional, myoelectric controlled and bionic prostheses.

Until now, Turkey has only been releasing passive and conventional prostheses into the global market, and importing myoelectric controlled and bionic prostheses, which features low-level technologic innovation, with higher costs.

Today marks the end of that era.  

FİGES Bionic Hand is a new generation upper extremity prosthesis. With the tactual technology brought to the world by FİGES Bionic Hand, the prosthesis that realistically imitates the human hand has now arrived.. 


  • Non-Invasive Connection Interface
  • Universal Connectivity
  • Tactful Feedback
  • State-of-the-art technology 
  • Non-Invasive Connection Interface

    With the surface EMG technology, you can use FİGES Bionic Hand right away with no further operation needed.

  • State-of-the-art Technology

    FİGES Bionic Hand is equipped with the state-of-the-art sensors. Thus, it offers an experience akin to human hand.

  • 8 Different Movement Methods

    FİGES Bionic Hand offers total 8 movement modes, including grasping, an active index finger, mouse, precision handling, keyboard, a rotating wrist, key holding, and grappling.

  • 7 Degrees of Movement

    FİGES Bionic Hand offers movement freedom. Thus, the complex tasks performed by a human hand become practical.

  • Tactful Feedback

    The tactful feedback system realized by FİGES Bionic Hand is revolutionary in terms of the upper extremity prostheses. The pressure applied with the fingers and the temperature of an object touched are transmitted to the user by the complex electronic infrastructure of FIGES Bionic Hand.

  • Universal Connectivity

    FİGES Bionic Hand is compatible with the currently available upper extremity sockets. Thus, you can start using your new prosthesis right away with no need change the stump sockets of your old hand.