Electronic engineers rely on MATLAB and Simulink to develop smaller and more effective devices that integrate audio, video, wireless communications, and other features. They use these tools to explore and verify algorithms and system-level designs in hours or days, instead of spending weeks.

Engineers can find algorithmic and systematic models in MATLAB and Simulink products and cooperate more efficiently across geographical borders between Signal Processing, control logic design with analog/mixed signal teams. With these efficiency gains companies can offer faster innovative solutions.

Consumer Electronics

  • Integration of audio, imaging, and video applications
  • Rapid prototyping of hardware and software
  • Verification using links to test and measurement equipment

Computer Electronics

Computers are everywhere and in everything. Today’s high-performance computing platforms require design tools that start at the algorithm level and provide capability all the way through design implementation. Computer systems engineers rely on MATLAB and Simulink to model many types of computer subsystems including: 

  • Network and attached storage
  • Computer components and peripherals
  • Advanced office equipment


Designers of the next-gen instrumentation and test solution face with unique challenges of designing special hardware and software solutions for a niche market that requires the state of the art technology. With MATLAB and Simulink tools instrumentation engineers can

  • Design and model instrumentation platforms
  • Perform sensor designs with production code generation
  • Integrate models with live instruments and data

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