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About BuildUp Academy

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Highly qualified R&D Engineers and Experts will allow our industry to create products with higher-added value, adopt and implement advanced engineering methods. As the number of R&D investments and R&D Centers in our country increase day by day, as does our need for highly qualified R&D Engineers and Experts.

Recognizing the responsibility that comes with assuming a leading role in the country FİGES A.Ş. launched an initiative in the early 2000s, named, “Summer School of R&D,” which trained over 100 expert engineers between 2000 and 2010. In 2016, BuildUp Academy was founded on a professional structure by blending the traditional experience with innovative ideas to systematically implement the program with over 100 training modules and expert R&D staff. The academy’s goal is to train skilled R&D Engineers and Experts based on the international standards within the frame of the abovementioned intentions.

BuildUp Academy is a brand of FİGES A.Ş., an advanced engineering services company. In accordance with the needs of our industrial companies, BuildUp Academy continues to bring up specially trained, expert engineers specialized in various levels by assuming active positions in projects that require advance engineering technologies.

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What Are the Trainings Offered By BuildUp Academy?

Advanced Engineering Training
  • Big Data

  • Veri İşleme

  • Yapay Teknoloji

  • Sensorlar

  • Oil and Gas

  • Test Eğitimi

  • ROM Eğitimi

  • Hesaplamalı Akışkanlar Dinamiği Eğitimi (İleri Düzey) 

R&D Engineer Training Programs
  • Hesaplamalı Akışkanlar Dinamiği Eğitim

  • Temel Yapısal Analiz Eğitimi 

  • Sistem Modelleme ve Kontrol Eğitimleri

Expertise Programs
  • Özel içerikler oluşturulabilen uygulama seansları (Bilgiyi verimli kullanmayı hedefler.) 

About the Program

Progress with BuildUp Academy

What Does the Program Offer?

  • We provide opportunities for you to access scientific knowledge with professional, expert trainers.
  • Our goal is to enable you to make difference with the engineering methods that we adopt in an ever-increasing theoretical depth and practical difficulty.
  • We want you to become proactive by creating application sessions with specialized content.
  • We want you to become solution-oriented by focusing on your ability to apply the Advanced Engineering Methods with discipline and per project requirements.
  • We support the young engineers in making the jump to companies carrying out high-technology projects

On the Functioning of the BuildUp Academy Trainings

  • The sessions are broadcasted on a “livestream” with remote access. Some parts of the applied content are performed interactively thanks to the capabilities offered by the remote education platform. The sessions are available on Zoom.
  • The applications are carried over based on the training program by granting access to the original training notes and license to the participants.
  • The participants are provided theorical and applied courses. Over the course of the training program, the participants may receive direct support from the instructor engineers.
  • Training sessions are scheduled on the weekdays during working hours.
  • Trainings are supervised by experienced instructor engineers with Master’s and Ph.D. Degrees.


The goal of BuildUp Academy is to equip the young engineers with the advanced engineering methods, as well as social and administrative skills, to allow them to make a dynamic entrance to the professional life and to mentor and nourish the new generation that steers the national technology.

Trainings can be provided in both Turkish and English languages by the expert and specialized instructors. Additionally, certificate of attendance will be granted to the participants who complete each training module successfully and fulfill attendance requirements.


The “R&D Engineer Education Program” was started with an aim of transforming young engineers and engineer prospects into R&D engineers.

As BuildUp Academy, we develop the social and administrative skills in addition to teaching the Advanced Engineering Methods and support an effective introduction into the career planning process.

After being welcomed into the professional business setting by the company, the young engineers and engineer candidates take part in the internal technical training and development programs organized by the companies to create an efficient employee profile per project or positional requirements. The expert engineers mainly employed in the internal engineering departments are assigned as instructors, in other words, the expert engineers assume the position of instructor. This approach allows us to put the knowledge of the expert engineers assuming significant positions in extensive projects into use over the course of the training programs.

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