Who We Are?

For over 30 years, we have been working towards realizing the development of Turkey and creating brighter future with our motto, to the future with technology. We are offering advanced engineering services, developing and selling engineering software and carrying out R&D projects in various sectors with this idea in mind. 

About US

FİGES A.Ş., the pioneering engineering company of Turkey, was founded in 1990 to introduce, teach, and implement the simulation-based advanced engineering techniques in Turkey. In addition to providing the sales, training and technical support services of the software such as ANSYS and MATLAB, of which the company has been the representative in Turkey since its foundation, FİGES A.Ş. offers consultancy and project management services in domestic and abroad markets by implementing the software.

Offering advanced engineering solutions, FİGES serves the R&D works performed in various sectors that are key to the growth of Turkey, such as defence, aviation, maritime, automotive, pharmaceuticals, energy, domestic appliances, and railway industries, along with its expert staff of engineers specializing in the fields of mechanics, design, analysis and testing.

Especially in the recent years, the company has begun offering turnkey solutions to clients by assuming active roles in the production and testing of its simulation-based designs. Aiming towards achieving continuous growth by building innovative and efficient approaches to advanced engineering solutions, contributing to Turkey’s national industry, and accumulating knowledge on the way, FİGES is on a fast track to become a strong advanced engineering firm by supporting R&D and NPD works in the domestic and abroad markets with its qualified workforce, entrepreneurship, and expertise.

Since 2014, the company has accelerated its performance in the development and commercializing of the much-needed critical systems, sub-systems, and products for various industries, which, previously, could not have been developed in Turkey. Consequently, the serial production of these products was started at the new Technology Centre of the company in 2017.

Our Working Vision

At FİGES, we have certain criteria and priorities to realize our most edgy and long-term goals without compromising the purpose for our existence. 

For example, we believe that one’s interest in science and technology is, in fact, a result of the drive for “curiosity”, which is granted to all children by birth. The most important element defining our way of work is to never lose that remarkable drive, which constantly provokes us to ask “Why?” and “How”, does not let us to sleep without understanding the working principles of a system, and does not let us to give up trying to design a much better system once we understood it.  

Thus, as FİGES, we define our vision as to:

From generating new ideas, to moving on to the production phase, approach every aspect of engineering with curiosity, creativity, excitement, accuracy and teamwork

Our Values

  • Approach every new project with the excitement of a young engineer and the experience of a master;
  • Work with the right people and become a solid team;
  • Know that learning never ends;
  • Convey information without hesitation;
  • Encourage others as an explorer and pioneer;
  • Focus on technology.


Delivering works with accurate data, correct analysis and true solutions that make life easier in almost every industry, FİGES has become the trusted name behind the smooth-progressing projects since its foundation.

Learning and developing constantly, FİGES attributes great importance to training, never shies away from sharing knowledge, and maintains a corporate culture that, as principle, nurtures young engineers.

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