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The real-time simulation and testing go beyond simulating the designed models by working them out at the necessary speed and verifying the algorithmic design behavior. It is connected to the running model sensors, actuators, and other hardware. The real-time simulation and testing include the creation of rapid control prototyping (RCP) and hardware internal loop (HIL) simulation. These simulations involve developer and target computers.

With the abovementioned real-time simulation and testing, as FİGES Engineering, we ensure;

  • Improvement and verification of the control system design as well as your hardware in terms of proper use,
  • Testing of the control system hardware even when no physical system is employed,
  • Analysis of the scenarios and the hardware interactions too complex, expensive, or dangerous to realize,
  • Reduced costs by diagnosing the errors beforehand, eliminating the expensive design defects.

Quick Control Prototyping (The target computer acts as a controller)

Hardware In-Loop (HIL) (The target computer behaves like a physical system.)

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