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Robotic Capabilities

FİGES Engineering and its expert staff provide the Biomedical and Defense Industry with the following solutions:

  • System Modelling
  • Mechanical Design
  • Software and Algorithm Development
  • Design and Realization of the Control Systems
  • Simulator Design
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications
  • Data Collection Systems
  • Predictive Maintenance Models and Fault Analyses
  • Testing Systems

Our Experience

Our company has developed and manufactured a myoelectric-control Bionic Hand for the patients who have lost their hands due to an illness or accident. for more information on the Bionic Hand project.

Our company has developed a Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgical Robot with Haptic Feedback. For more information.

Service Details

Customized robotic technology applications for the Defense and Biomedical Industries are developed and manufactured by our company. By incorporating the model-based design methods in the technologic development processes, we can complete the algorithm and software developing, as well as the testing phases of the systems requiring advanced engineering without waiting for production, prevent potential problems via early diagnosis, and reduce the project delivery times. With our Artificial Intelligence capacity, we can develop customized smart robotic systems. We can carry out testing scenarios during the verification phase and prepare in-depth reports. To carry out fault and lifecycle analyses on the systems, we integrate the Artificial Intelligence technology into the Predictive Maintenance models that we prepare for prolonging the lifecycles of the systems and avoiding potential damages during the post-production active operation status.

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