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As FİGES Engineering, we offer solutions for transforming the data vastly accumulated in the recent years and developing smart systems that make life easier. The conditioning of the non-structural data is important in terms of creating suggestion-based systems that can be integrated into the daily life and business processes.

Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing

When talking about non-structural data, textual data, among others, is what comes to mind for the most people. Whereas processing of the big data, which has accumulated rapidly in the recent the years as the social media and other digital platforms became more popular, has gained importance because of the vast amount of information it contains, it remains a difficult type of data to work on due to its non-structural nature. Within the scope of its artificial intelligence solutions, FİGES works on the smart suggestion-based systems concerning the text analytics and natural language processing.

What Is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a simulation of the reasonable human behavior. It is a computer or system which is designed to perceive its environment, understand behaviors, and take action. Think about self-driving cars; the systems focusing on artificial intelligence integrate the artificial intelligence algorithms such as machine learning and deep learning, into complex environments enabling automation.

Object Detection and Image Processing  

While various applications of detection– utilizing the data obtained from the widespread imaging systems – have been integrated into systems of high importance (such as medical systems, public safety systems, safe driving systems, occupational health and safety systems), they are rapidly becoming much more common in the designs oriented at making the daily life easier. Within the scope of the object detection and image processing realm, FİGES offers solutions towards the sub-systems focusing on face detection systems, diagnosis, and treatment in the field of medicine.

(Brain activities due to EEG signal changes)

Detection of whether the safety equipment (such as safety hats) is being used by the employees in a certain area through images/videos by using the methods of artificial intelligence.

Data Science and Statistics

FİGES works on developing the software that will create and analyze smart and decisive systems by mining the information from the cumulative numerical and categorical data while incorporating the machine learning and deep learning techniques.

(Consistency Analysis of Brain Signals)

(Evolutionary Algorithms for Disease Diagnosis: Artificial Immunity
Synthetic Data Production with System Method)

(Detection application of attacks on the network for computer systems security:
Firefly algorithm)

Why Artificial Intelligence Is Important? 

According to the estimations of McKinsey, it is projected that the artificial intelligence will have created 13 trillion dollars’ worth of economic value by the year 2030.

The ground for this expectation is the fact that the artificial intelligence may create a potentially transforming impact on the engineering in almost all industry and practice area.

Aside from the self-driving cars, artificial intelligence can be incorporated into models predicting machinery failures and maintenance times, as well as, patient monitoring systems, health and sensor analyses, or robotic systems directly learning and developing by experience.

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