Telescopic Handling Systems

Each square of FIGES high-tech product Telescopic Handling Systems is meticulously designed and analysed with high technology computer simulations, and tested under the military standards to ensure secure and accurate working of your fragile, valuable and beneficial loads.

Suitable for secure use on any land or marine platform, including civil or military purposes. A sub-system to use for handling any kind of beneficial load, such as:

  • Antenna and Radars;
  • Weapon Systems;
  • Monitoring and Communication Systems;
  • Submarine Periscope Systems. 

    Designed and tested for the conditions of slope land and rough sea.

    FİGES has significant technical infrastructure and experience on the analysis of composite structures, in particular those with longer fibre length. For each system, we have designed and analysed a separate and specific fibre composite structure. Our patented locking system works consistently with the driving system, which is operated by the software algorithm that we have developed. 

    Main Features

    • 3-15 meters of elevation capacity 
    • High load bearing capacity (max. 300 kg in standard systems, max. 800 kg in custom systems)
    • Silent and fast elevation
    • Fully-automated and manual control
    • Secure use on slope lands and mobile marine platforms
    • Custom design for submarines and submarine platforms
    • Custom design for lower emission

    Optional Services and Sub-Systems 

    • Platform integration
    • Electronic interface development 
    • Wireways and wiring
    • Long-term logistical support
    • Precise Stabilization Kit
    • Pan Tilt  
    • Slip Ring 

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