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Human Resources Mission

To create the right opportunities for our employees to allow them to become more qualified and complete in terms of individual and professional development; to ensure that our employees reach their professional goals by supporting communication and motivational works.

Human Resources Vision

To create and maintain a sustainable organization that adds value where the employees can feel validated, by implementing innovative Human Resources practices.

As FİGES, we believe that strong and innovative human resources are key to our success. 

Our purpose is to continuously improve the performance of our employees by increasing their behavioral and professional qualifications with the right development and career opportunities. We recruit the right candidates for this purpose and seek continuous development to ensure the sustainability of our Human Resources processes and systems.

We support strong corporate commitment by considering the employee wishes as the utmost priority in the creation of qualified human resources. Thus, we create a work culture standing for our values by providing our employees with opportunities for continuous development. By taking the areas of interest and levels of education into account within the context of the career management system we have identified our purpose as to ensure our employees’ advancement in the positions where they can become successful.

Departments of Engineering covered by our activities: 

Electricity-Electronics Engineering

Electronic Communication Engineering

Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering

Control and Automation Engineering

Material and Metallurgical Engineering

Nuclear Energy Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Control and Automation Engineering

Aerospace engineering

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Internship Opportunities

We offer opportunities for the college students, who want to gain work experience, by bringing them up under our company culture, and providing them with the means to part-time or full-time employment to encourage them to become the professional employees that they can be. For internship programs, we review the applications submitted by candidates, who are studying at the “engineering” departments of universities, are required to attend a short- or long-term internship to be able to graduate from their programs and are determined to build their career in this sector.

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