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Our Vision and Mission


Developing environmentally friendly, nature-friendly, high-tech products that create added value for a more livable world in every field of engineering, from new ideas to the production stage


  • To introduce and teach simulation-based advanced engineering techniques in Türkiye;
  • To provide sales, training and technical support of the MATLAB & Simulink software, of which we are representative;
  • Providing consultancy and project services in national and international markets using these software with our experts;
  • To produce national, and new technology products and solutions;
  • To develop the products and solutions created with the awareness of an incubation center and to establish start-up companies.


Our Values

  • Approaching each new project with the excitement of a young engineer and the experience of a master engineer
  • Working with the right people and being a strong team
  • Knowing that learning never ends
  • Sharing knowledge freely
  • Encouraging others by being the first and a pioneer
  • Being technology-focused

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