Vibration and Shock Analyses

Arising out of the vibration and creating an impact on the components, the periodical loads are one of the most crucial factors affecting the lifecycle of a structure. To examine the strength of the components creating and/or being subject to vibrations, modal or constrained vibration analyses are performed. The vibration analyses are performed to examine the dynamic (resonance) behaviors and the strength of a structure under these loads. The problems such as the movement of an automobile on an asphalt or an unpaved road, the impacts of that movement on the other components of the vehicle, or the impacts of a high-speed jet engine on the components of an aircraft, can be examined via these analyses.

The shock analyses, on the other hand, have been developed to examine a structure’s strength against sudden forces of load. Performed on a temporal basis, the analyses focus on subjecting a structure to high forces of load (i.e., 20G), for a brief period (i.e., 11 ms) to examine its strength.

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