Turbulent Modelling

Although most natural flows have turbulent regimes, there is not one-for-all turbulence model available for all flow applications. Therefore, the user must choose the most suitable model based on certain criteria and among certain options. In Computational Fluid Dynamics even the modelling of the most basic flows is in fact extremely complex. When we consider the turbulence, further multiplies the complexity.

To choose the correct method to model the turbulence physics of a flow is quite important and confusing. Although turbulence can be accurately identified by Navier-Stokes’s equations, the direct numerical simulations are not practical due to large need for resources. So, how would you decide among the various turbulence models available to meet your design-specific needs? With expert guidance. Choosing the right turbulence model will increase the solution accuracy of the entire system. ANSYS offers the various model formulations and approaching strategies that you will need to solve the critical flow phenomena, turbulence.