MATLAB Grader allows you to create the automatically graded MATLAB coding problems. At the center of MATLAB Grader lie the MATLAB coding problems that you have created in an integrated learning Management System like MATLAB Grader, its subcategories, Blackboard or Moodle, depending on your wish. Enter a title and description at the top of the screen. Descriptions, formatted texts, LaTeX math equations, links, and images can also be combined. Then, you can publish data and code files that can be used by the students. You can also specify whether to solve a MATLAB script file or run it. Enter a reference, and this is the solution to the problem. You can also enter a student template. This is the starter code that you can provide to the student. You can lock the lines that you do not want the students to edit.

Download MATLAB Grader E-book

a short video to learn more about the latest features of MATLAB Grader.

Download  Medical Devices for MATLAB and Simulink 

Autograded student solutions with custom scoring rubrics

Start building assignments and sharing them with your students today.

Options for both pass / fail options and weighted grading.

Access the details of the concepts where your students struggle. Students receive real-time, contextual feedback on their solutions.

Individual and aggregate student performance analysis

Solution maps show size, time of arrival, and distance from the reference solution.

Includes a complete history of students’ attempts to find the correct solution.

Student outcomes are available to both instructors and authorized teaching assistants.

A library of reusable example courses and assignments

Templates of common assessment types for both script and function-based problems

Examples include advanced assessment scenarios such as randomized input parameters and creating custom assessments.

Ability to add examples to your existing course with a single click, and modify them to match your topic.

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