ANSYS / ANSYS Products Portfolio

ANSYS Workbench

ANSYS Workbench ANSYS Workbench is the framework upon which the industry’s broadest and deepest suite of advanced engineering simulation technology is built. An innovative project schematic view ties together the entire simulation process, guiding the user through even complex multiphysics analyses with drag-and-drop simplicity. With bi-directional CAD connectivity, an automated project level update mechanism, pervasive parameter management and integrated optimization tools, the..


Multiphysics Multiphysics simulation from ANSYS provides high-fidelity engineering analysis tools that enable the accurate simulation of complex coupled-physics behavior. ANSYS multiphysics solutions combine industry-leading solver technology for all physics disciplines - structural mechanics, heat transfer, fluid flow and electromagnetics - with an open and adaptive ANSYS Workbench environment, flexible coupled-physics simulation methods, and parallel scalability. Together these cutting-edge...

Structural Mechanics

Structural Mechanics ANSYS structural mechanics solutions offer best-in-class simulation tools for product design and optimization that increase productivity, minimize physical prototyping and help deliver better and innovative products in less time. These solutions tackle real-world analysis problems by making product development less costly and more reliable. A broad spectrum of capabilities cover a range of analysis types, elements, contact, materials, equation solvers, and coupled physics capability all...

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics ANSYS offers a comprehensive fluid dynamics product suite for modeling fluid flow and other related physical phenomena. Unparalleled fluid flow analysis capabilities provide all the tools needed to design and optimize new fluids equipment and to troubleshoot already existing installations. The ANSYS fluid dynamics product suite contains both general purpose computational fluid dynamics software and additional specialized products to address specific industry applications.

Explicit Dynamics

Explicit Dynamics If you are simulating short, high deformation, large strain, fracture or complete material failure applications, choose from ANSYS explicit dynamics products to meet your needs. There are few applications too severe to be simulated with a high quality software tool from ANSYS, and one of the three products below is ready to take over where implicit dynamics leaves off.


Electromagnetics Electromagnetic simulation from ANSYS provides industry leading analysis tools that enable the accurate simulation of electromagnetic fields. ANSYS electromagnetic solutions enable engineers and designers to accurately predict the behavior of electrical and electromechanical devices. The ANSYS electromagnetic product suite contains both general purpose and application specific products to address a broad array of industry applications.

Simulation Process & Data Management

(EKM) ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM) is a comprehensive solution for simulation-based process and data management challenges. ANSYS EKM provides solutions and benefits to all levels of the enterprise, from the individual engineer interested in spending less time handling data and more time focusing on true engineering efforts to the entire organization looking for increased productivity in all aspects of its simulation activities.


Akademik ANSYS, Inc. provides engineering simulation software globally for academic teaching & research applications. The ANSYS Academic Teaching products include entry-level tools intended for class demonstrations and hands-on instruction. The ANSYS Academic Research and ANSYS Academic Associate products provide flexible terms of use & unlimited numerical "headroom" suitable for doctoral and post-doctoral research projects.

High-Performance Computing

HPC High-Performance Computing (HPC) and parallel processing with ANSYS HPC add tremendous value to the use of simulation, by enabling enhanced insight into product performance and improving the productivity of the design process. ANSYS HPC products provide this value for the full range of ANSYS solvers.

Geometry Interfaces

Geometri Ara Yüzleri With direct interfaces to all major computer-aided design (CAD) systems, support of additional readers and translators, and an integrated geometry modeler exclusively focused on analysis, ANSYS offers the most comprehensive geometry handling solutions for engineering simulation in an integrated environment.