What’s new for Wireless in MATLAB?

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Short resume of the presenter

Gerald Albertini joined MathWorks in 2017 as an application engineer focusing on signal processing, wireless and radar applications. Before joining MathWorks, he spent 7 years at DGA, an expertise center of the French Ministry of Defense and occupied positions in electronic warfare and communications systems.

MATLAB for RF/Wireless applications
       From bits to antenna / New products announcements
       Mobile & Connectivity standards
       Unified Design and Simulation (algorithms, antenna, RF & Propagation)
       Prototyping and testing (T&M instruments, SDR, Code Generation)
Unify Design and Simulation
       Baseband Processing (standards, satellite communications)
       Antenna and antenna arrays (beamsteering, beamforming, MIMO)
       RF propagation and ray tracing (channel modeling)
       RF Front End modeling
Comply with Mobile and Connectivity Standards
       What’s new in 5G Toolbox ?
       Wi-Fi trends : System level modeling Hardware
       NEW : Bluetooth toolbox
       Satellite communications and beyond (telemetry, telecommand, GPS)
Hardware prototyping and implementation
       Test with RF Instruments & SDR (radio I/O)
       NEW : Wireless TestBench & realtime testing
       Targeting FPGA and SoC devices (HW/SW CoDesign for SDR)
       Introduction to Wireless HDL Toolbox
Accelerate the pace of engineering
       Time to market

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26 Nisan 2022
Gerald Albertini – Application Engineer