Multifunction Radar Systems with MATLAB & Simulink

Etkinlik Programı ve İçeriği

Short resume of the presenter

Dr. Alvaro Blanco del Campo is a Technical Expert at MathWorks EMEA and specializes in the domain of Radio Frequency. He has over 15 years of experience designing, building, testing and validating Radio Frequency systems, from signal generation to antenna design for civil and military applications. Alvaro is a Telecommunications Engineer and holds a doctorate in High Resolution Radars, obtained at the Technical University of Madrid.

Seminar Agenda

How to address requirements analysis and extract system design characteristics
How to create and analyze RF system and component architectures
Integration of RF transceiver with antenna and signal processing
AI applications in Radar processing
Deployment of signal and data algorithms

Etkinlik Bilgileri

13 Aralık 2022
Alvaro Blanco del Campo – Senior Application Engineer