MATLAB & Simulink Approach to ISO 26262 Certification System

Etkinlik Programı ve İçeriği

Arnaud Btabeko

 Mohammad Abu-Alqumsan

Dr.-Ing. Mohammad Abu-Alqumsan is the product manager for the IEC Certification Kit at MathWorks. He has a doctorate degree in Brain-Computer Interfaces and Robotics from the Technical University of Munich. Mohammad focuses on functional safety and consults with industry participants on qualifying tools and developing workflows that comply with popular certification standards such as ISO 26262, SOTIF and IEC 61508. Before joining Mathworks, Mohammad was working at Validas AG as a project manager and research software engineer. Arnaud Btabeko is an Application Engineer at MathWorks specialised in certification workflows and verification and validation solutions for hand written Code as well as for Autogenerated code from Matlab/Simulink. Prior to MathWorks he worked in the Automotive industry, involved with Battery management systems design and verification. Furthermore, he worked as Research Engineer at Siemens, involved in the Simulation and Codesign for mechatronics Systems. He now supports MathWorks customers from a range of industries including Aerospace, Automotive and medical in applying Model Based Design solutions for code Generation and Verification workflows to achieve certification with the relevant industry authorities.

  • Tool Qualification Status and Methods

  • ISO 26262 Tool Qualification Approach

  • Tool pre-qualification, certification and tool qualification

  • IEC Certification Kit and DO Qualification Kit

  • ISO 26262 compliant reference workflow

  • Quick overview

  • Toolchain from architecture design to code

  • ISO 26262 coverage with the Model Based Design Reference Workflow

  • The Reference workflow in action (live demo of the ISO 26262 highway lane following case study)

  • Training and Consulting Services

  • Summary

Etkinlik Bilgileri

30 Nisan 2021
Mohammad Abu-Alqumsan & Arnaud Btabeko
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