Getting Started with Power Electronics Control Design with Simulink

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Romain Lachaux

Application Engineer – MathWorks France

Romain is an application engineer at MathWorks with a focus on simulation tools, and more especially physical modeling with Simscape Products. Before joining MathWorks, he spent the past 6 years of his career at Renault F1 Team, where he gained a significant experience in high efficiency ICE, hybrid systems, energy management and dyno operation, applying some of the core model-based design principles. He comes with a broad automotive background since he also worked on engine calibration at Delphi, after graduating from both ESTACA and IFP School

  • Quick overview of Model-Based Design

  • System-Level Simulation with Simulink

  • PECD Applications

  • Batteries

  • Power Converters

  • Electric Drives

  • Motor Control and Calibration

  • Deployment and HIL Testing

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28 Mayıs 2021
Romain Lachaux