Develop Autonomous Vehicles with Model-Based Design

Etkinlik Programı ve İçeriği

Short resume of the presenter

Martin Luo is an application engineer at MathWorks, based in Sweden, where he focuses on autonomous systems and model-based design. Prior to joining MathWorks, Martin worked as a flight control engineer for the civil aircraft and developed navigation system for the drones. Martin holds an MS in Robotics from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and an MS in Guidance, Navigation and Control from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Seminar Agenda

Development workflow of autonomous vehicles
Scenario-Based simulation and testing
Autonomy algorithms design, including sensor fusion and multi-object tracking
Connect and deploy with ROS/ROS2
Overview of developing high-integrity software using Model-Based Design

Etkinlik Bilgileri

14 Mart 2023
Martin Luo – Application Engineer
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