Achieving Certification for DO-178 with MATLAB & Simulink

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Dr.-Ing. Christian Merkl

Application Engineer

Dr: Ing. Christian Merkl is an aerospace engineer with more than ten years of professional experience in industry and research. At MathWorks he focusses on Model-Based Design and workflows for safety critical applications.

Seminar Agenda
(Describing the topics in the seminar under titles)

DO-178C and its supplements are the de facto international safety standard used to certify commercial avionic system software. The standards describe the required steps that ensure high quality code to avoid bugs.
MathWorks tools provide a software development workflow starting from textual requirements and following all the way through verification of the object code on the target processor. With qualified tools, this approach enables you to reduce development efforts and risks in design, testing, code generation, and code verification.
In this presentation session we will introduce the workflow and will cover these topics:

  • Overview of the DO-178 and its related standards

  • Introduction of the reference workflow with qualified code generation

  • Tool qualification of MathWorks tools

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25 Haziran 2021
Dr.-Ing. Christian Merkl

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