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Started as an internal project of FİGES A.Ş. with the motto of “From R&D Projects to Advanced Technology Products” at the end of 2015, MILMAST Teleskopik Yükseltme Sistemleri was branded within the organization FİGES Teknoloji A.Ş. and was launched to the international defense industry market in 2017.

Being a successful output of the efforts by the R&D team fully comprising of Turkish engineers from design to production, MILMAST Teleskopik Yükseltme Sistemleri is funded with a hundred per cent domestic capital, and manufactures in its Ankara facility, from which its products are exported to the world. 

MILMAST has become an example of a self-sustaining and strong brand in the field of defense industry technologies, which contributes to the exports, and is a source of pride for our nation.

Visit  MILMAST corporate website.

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