Design and Prototype Manufacturing :

  • 2D and 3D CAD Services
  • System and subsystem construction
  • Prototype manufacturing

Structural and Fatigue Analyses (FEA) :

  • Reducing the body weights of land, sea and air vehicles, strengthening them against forces acting in road conditions
  • Design of axles and transmission systems and weight reduction
  • Part based fatigue analyses and determining safety factors
  • Specialized fatigue analyses for part joints (ie. welds)
  • Analyses of explosion caused shock waves, transmission of them via structures' and investigation of their effects on electronic equipments
  • Structural analyses for cannons and rifles and weight reduction studies
Structural and Fatigue Analyses (FEA)

Crash, Roll-Over and Explosion Simulations :

  • Vehicle crash simulations (vehicle-vehicle, vehicle-concrete column, vehicle-freeway barrier etc.)
  • Seat crash, roll-over simulations
  • Vehicle roll-over simulations according to ECE-R66 regulations
  • Impact test simulations for composite materials
  • Explosion simulations in open and closed fields
  • Sub vehicle mine explosion simulations according to military regulations
  • Armor developing according to military regulations
  • Underwater explosion simulations according to military regulations
  • Explosion resistant structure development according to military regulations
  • Simulations of vehicles entering/falling into water
Crash, Roll-Over and Explosion Simulations

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) :

Single Phase Flows

  • Design of refrigeration systems, heat isolation calculations (ie. in exhaust systems)
  • Pressure drop calculations in exhaust systems
  • HVAC calculations
  • Aerodynamic analyses in rockets, helicopters and planes
  • Aero elastic analyses

Multiphase Flows

  • Fire caused smoke propagation analysis
  • Nuclear safety calculations
  • Combustion chamber design in engines using combustion models
  • Free Surface Flows : Sloshing, tank filling, ship hull design

In addition to finite volume approach, we are able to do 1D analyses using system modeling approach. MATLAB & Simulink and KULI are used in these types of calculations. We have references from automotive and household appliance manufacturers' in this area.

Hesaplamalı Akışkanlar Dinamiği (CFD)

Hesaplamalı Akışkanlar Dinamiği (CFD)

Heat Transfer Calculations :

  • Calculation of the temperature distribution on a mould by conduction
  • Natural and forced convection heat transfer analyses
  • Transient cooling
  • Temperature distribution on a lighting unit with radiative heat transfer
  • Cooling of electronic system parts
  • Conjugate heat transfer analyses of exhaust manifolds
  • Thermal comfort analyses in cars
  • Automobile hood cooling analyses
  • Radiative heat transfer analyses in space conditions
  • Continuous casting solidification analyses
Isı Transfer Hesaplamaları

Motion Simulations (MBD):

One of the software we use in mechanism dynamics analyses is SimMechanics, which is a part of MATLAB product family.

RecurDyn/Professional is a software which provides complete solution for creating and simulating multi flexible-rigid bodies of dynamic models.

Motion Simulations

Vibration Calculations :

  • Structural analyses for parts assembled to the engine.
  • Resonance calculations for parts on any type of vehicle.
  • Determining static and dynamic spring constants of engine fittings' and vibration dampers
  • Noise damping
  • Exhaust design

We can build the vibration model related to the structure in MATLAB & Simulink and using several analogies we can determine the characteristics and locations of dampers.

Vibration Calculations

Air Intake and Exhaust Systems Design and Manufacturing :

Complete design and pressure drop, inflow and acoustic analyses of mainly warship exhaust and silencer systems having large dimensions

  • Building shop drawings from the design which is done according to analyses.
  • Silencer design and manufacture
  • Pressure drop, inflow and acoustic analyses of exhaust systems
  • Determining details of fittings, piping and isolation
  • 3D CAD building
Egzos (Susturucu) Sistemleri Tasarım ve İmalatı

Metal Forming Calculations :

Sheet Metal Forming Calculations

  • Washer dimensioning calculations
  • Die and blank holder design
  • Deep drawing calculations
  • Stamping process calculations
  • Hydroforming calculations

Forging Calculations

  • Open and closed die forging calculations
  • Drawing process calculations
  • Extrusion calculations
  • Cogging process calculations
  • Upsetting process calculations
  • Rolling calculations
  • Die design and die lifetime calculations for all types of forging processes
  • Determining problems that occur during forging process (ie Die not being filled, folding)
  • Carburizing, Austenitizing process calculations
  • Quenching simulations and distortion calculations
  • Induction furnace heating calculations

Metal Cutting Calculations

  • Turning process calculations
  • Milling process calculations
  • Drilling process calculations
  • Design and lifetime and wearing calculations of metal cutting tools
Metal Şekillendirme Hesapları

Metal Şekillendirme Hesapları

Electromagnetics :

  • Interior geometry calculations and efficiency improvements of generators and electric motors.
  • Electromagnetic isolation calculations
  • Antenna design

Special Test Equipment and Measurement System Design and Production :

In Industry almost every application requires obtaining data from real-world, transferring to computer, analysing and reporting. Sometimes, it is required to study various cases and measure various characteristics of the system to be tested. We are offering turn-key solutions containing both software and hardware development for that kind of systems.

The solutions we are offering are:

  • Selecting and supplying of the sensors needed for data acquisition
  • Selecting and supplying data acquisition cards
  • Developing computer interface and analysis software
  • Selecting and supplying controller hardware for real-time control applications
  • Designing and manufacturing of the mechanical construction
  • Integration, installation and delivery of the system

We are using MATLAB and Simulink with Data Acquisition Toolbox and xPC Target.

We are using system modeling approach to design real-time controllers(PID etc.) for control applications(DC motor, hydraulics, etc.) and to test various cases.

There are references from automotive, defense and packaging industries in this area.

System Modeling and Control Applications :

System modeling concept should be understood as a derivation of a computer model which gives the same response with the real system. Thus, it is possible to simulate the real system in a computer environment. Several physical systems like mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic can be modelled.

We are using MATLAB and Simulink for mathematical modeling and we also use the benefits of additional MATLAB products like SimMechanics, SimScape. For instance, by using CAD data with SimMechanics it is possible to model a complicated system without obtaining the mathematical model.

We are developing system models especially for the applications below:

  • Determining effects of the components on the system and component selection.
  • HIL simulations
  • Simulator development
  • Controller algorithm development

There are references from automotive, defense and heating/cooling industries in this area.

HIL Sistemleri Oluşturma

Development of Image Processing Systems :

We are able to develop image processing systems for both dynamic(video) and static(photo) images. We can develop and deliver these systems as an algorithm, as a software package or with an included embedded hardware. We use additional MATLAB products like Image Processing Toolbox, Video and Image Processing Blockset.

Görüntü İşleme Sistemleri Geliştirme

HIL Systems Development :

Besides standart configurations, we are offering special configurations to meet our customer demands. With these configurations, we are selecting and combining real-time computers with data acquisition cards. We can also setup multi-computer parallel HIL systems in demand.

Technical Software Development :

It is desired to use specialized software instead of standart tools for some applications in some circumstances. These demands are especially high in the areas of data analysis, technical computing, financial analysis, quality control, test and measurement. We offer turn-key special software package solutions to meet these demands

We combine both the algorithm building and software interface developing processes.

We use MATLAB software as a development environment. We have a wide range function library about data transfer, analysis, visualizing and reporting.

Process Modeling and Control :

  • Monitoring, recording process datas; online/offline statistical data analysis; creating process control warning mechanisms.
  • Modeling processes by using measurement data and real-time control loop(PI, PID, Cascade, Predictive) development.
  • Realizing simulation and real-time control at the same time with the aid of OPC platform, allowing try and implement flexibility to the end-user for controller options.