ANSYS SCADE Product Family

The ANSYS SCADE Product Family is a formal, comprehensive, industry-proven solution for developing critical systems and software, supporting the entire development workflow, from requirements analysis and design through verification, implementation, and deployment. SCADE solutions easily integrate, allowing for development optimization and increased communication among team members.

The ANSYS SCADE product family includes:




Bullet ANSYS Simplorer® for Multi-Physics Systems Modeling & Analysis
Bullet SCADE Architect® for System Architecture Design
Bullet SCADE Suite® for Control Application Development
Bullet SCADE Display® for Display Development
Bullet SCADE Test for Test Environment
Bullet SCADE LifeCycle® for Application Lifecycle Management
Bullet SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 Compliant Systems for ARINC 661-compliant Cockpit Display System and User Application Development

What is Unique About ANSYS SCADE?

SCADE is developed specifically to address critical system and software applications.

SCADE Suite and SCADE Display code generators are certified/qualified according to safety standards:

Bullet DO-178B/C qualification up to Level A – Aerospace & Defense
Bullet EN 50128 certification up to SIL 3/4 – Rail Transportation
Bullet IEC 61508 certification up to SIL 3 – Industry & Energy
Bullet IEC 60880 full compliance – Nuclear Instrumentation & Control
Bullet IEC 62304 full compliance – Medical Systems
Bullet ISO 26262 certification – Automotive