MATLAB & Simulink Engineering Solutions

FİGES is the sole representative of MATLAB&Simulink software family (MathWorks) in Turkey. Besides sales, marketing and technical support, we use MATLAB&Simulink products as a tool basis for many of our projects and we also offer several services to our customers regarding MATLAB&Simulink as listed below:

Professional MATLAB Training

  • Standard content / Special content
  • Public / Private
  • Supported with academician and consultant specialized in the field


FİGES employee works with you in your project, understands the needs in your project, and shows the potential solutions with MATLAB. He supports you with the implementation of MATLAB to your Project in terms of software usage. In this way, it becomes possible for you to learn MATLAB and realize your project at the same time.


By analyzing your needs, we prepare turn-key project proposal or work packages. Confidentiality agreement might be signed up if necessary.

By considering engineering works we have done so far, our technical solutions can be summarized as below:

System Modelling and Control Applications

System modeling concept should be understood as a derivation of a computer model which gives the same response with the real system. Thus, it is possible to simulate the real system in a computer environment. Several physical systems like mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic can be modeled.

We are using MATLAB and Simulink for mathematical modeling and we also use the benefits of additional MATLAB products like SimMechanics, SimScape. For instance, by using CAD data with SimMechanics it is possible to model a complicated system without obtaining the mathematical model.

We are developing system models especially for the applications below:

  • Determining effects of the components on the system and component selection.
  • HIL simulations
  • Simulator development
  • Controller algorithm development

We have references from industries such as automotive, defense and heating/cooling in this area.

Special Test Equipment and Measurement System Design and Production

In Industry almost every application requires obtaining data from real-world, transferring to computer, analyzing and reporting. Sometimes, it is required to study various cases and measure various characteristics of the system to be tested. We are offering turn-key solutions containing both software and hardware development for that kind of systems.

The solutions we are offering are:

  • Selecting and supplying of the sensors needed for data acquisition
  • Selecting and supplying data acquisition cards
  • Developing computer interface and analysis software
  • Selecting and supplying controller hardware for real-time control applications
  • Designing and manufacturing of the mechanical construction
  • Integration, installation and delivery of the system

We are using MATLAB and Simulink with Data Acquisition Toolbox and xPC Target.

We are using system modeling approach to design real-time controllers (PID etc.) for control applications (DC motor, hydraulics, etc.) and to test various cases.

There are references from automotive, defense and packaging industries in this area.

Technical Software Development

It is desired to use specialized software instead of standard tools for some applications in some circumstances. These demands are especially high in the areas of data analysis, technical computing, financial analysis, quality control, test and measurement. We offer turn-key special software package solutions to meet these demands.

We combine both the algorithm building and software interface developing processes.

We use MATLAB software as a development environment. We have a wide range function library on data transfer, analysis, visualizing and reporting.

Development of Image Processing Systems

We are able to develop image processing systems for both dynamic (video) and static (photo) images. We can develop and deliver these systems as an algorithm, as a software package or with an included embedded hardware. We use additional MATLAB products like Image Processing Toolbox, Video and Image Processing Blockset.

HIL Systems Development

Besides standard configurations, we are offering special configurations to meet our customer demands. With these configurations, we are selecting and combining real-time computers with data acquisition cards. We can also setup multi-computer parallel HIL systems in demand.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Besides CFD approach, we perform analysis on 1-D models by using system modeling approach. There are references from white goods and automotive industry, especially in the field of heating/cooling.

Vibration Analysis

We are able to determine the position and characteristics of the dampers by deriving and simulating vibrational model of the structure with the aid of MATLAB & Simulink.

Process Modeling and Control

  • Monitoring, recording process data; online/offline statistical data analysis; creating process control warning mechanisms.
  • Modeling processes by using measurement data and real-time control loop (PI, PID, Cascade, Predictive) development.
  • Realizing simulation and real-time control at the same time with the aid of OPC platform, allowing try and implement flexibility to the end-user for controller options.