Engineering teams in the communications industry face the challenges of designing increasingly complex products in less time, while supporting evolving standards such as UMTS, LTE, WiMAX, TD-SCDMA, and VDSL.

These teams rely on MathWorks products to create innovative product designs faster. MATLAB® and Simulink® streamline design flows by helping them:

  • Efficiently design communications algorithms and systems
  • Combine digital, analog/mixed-signal, and control logic design domains with channel and traffic modeling, in a single system model
  • Use the system model as an executable specification for simulation and prototyping
  • Verify the implementation of the physical layer and MAC layer designs against the system model

Pharmaceutical researchers at any level of programming expertise can perform analysis, visualization, and modeling using graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and command-line functionality. Scripting facilities enable straightforward automation of computational workflows.