Engineering Services

FIGES carries out advanced engineering computations for certification processes, design, analysis and design optimization in several areas and platforms with its 60 engineers who are flexible and qualified in various disciplines. The company also carries out its advanced engineering activities in two areas as design and computational simulation with mechatronic and provides integrated solutions to customers with synergy of these two areas. The company can supply whole subsystem, including prototype manufacturing along with design service, especially in exhaust systems and general mechanical subjects.

Engineering services and used technologies, provided in Automotive and other industries, especially Defense industry, can be summarized briefly:

  • System and component design and prototype manufacturing services;
  • Project services in computing structural, fatigue, vibration, explosion, shock, overturn, collision, earthquake, heat transfer, metal forming, electrostatic, electromagnetic and design optimization with Finite Element Analyses (FEA);
  • Project services in motion simulations with rigid and elastic multi body dynamics (MBD);
  • Project services in heat transfer, mixture, combustion, turbo engines, HVAC, hydrodynamic, aerodynamic, aeroelastic, fog and gas distribution, etc. computations in internal and external flows with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations;
  • Modeling and simulations in all platforms in mechanic, hydraulic, electronic and mechatronic subsystems with System Engineering and Model based Design approach and project services in controller development for these systems;
  • Project services in building functional models, dimensioning, simulating, analyzing and performance optimization for jet and turboprobe motors in air vehicles and internal combustion engines in land vehicles.