Engineering Simulation Solutions for the Sport Industry

In elite sport more than anywhere else, performance and winning are everything, and leading-edge sports equipment can be a way to success. Tiny refinements can make the difference between gold and a non-podium finish. Some illustrations of the growing success of using the unequalled depth of software from ANSYS in the sports and leisure industry to optimize your equipment design include:

  • improving the surface of a golf ball
  • modeling the keel of a sail boat
  • increasing the aerodynamic performance of a bicycle
  • analyzing the dynamic properties of skis
  • designing fitness equipment

Beyond elite sport, the sports & leisure industry benefits from the unparalleled breadth of solutions from ANSYS, which traditionally have been applied to structural civil engineering and HVAC design of stadiums and sports arenas, sports equipment design and manufacturing as well as sports clothing and footwear.

ANSYS provides engineering simulation solutions for:

  • Ball Sports
  • Clothing & Footwear
  • Equipment Design
  • Leisure & Toys
  • Motor Sports
  • Olympic Sports
  • Stadium Design & Construction
  • Water Sports
  • Winter Sports

The comprehensive multiphysics solution from ANSYS provides aerodynamic and hydrodynamic benefits, robustness improvement and fatigue resistance within the timescales that elite athletes, teams and equipment manufacturers demand. These engineering simulation solutions have been tried and proven in the crucible of elite sports. They have provided the winning edge again and again.