Engineering Simulation Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

The suite of products from ANSYS provides the semiconductor industry with an unequalled depth and unparalleled breath of simulation technologies for both semiconductor design and manufacturing. These technologies include thermal analysis, such as trace Joule heating in packages and thermo mechanical stress in the various types of part of the packages. Furthermore, designers can conduct linear and nonlinear stress analysis including creep, delimitation, fatigue along with vibrations and drop test analysis. Designers can also conduct quick and accurate electrical characterization of complex IC package and PCB using the advanced parasitic extraction tool from ANSYS.

For semiconductor manufacturing, ANSYS offers engineers various capabilities to simulate processes like lithography, deposition, etching, and chemical cleaning, along with package encapsulation and curing. Furthermore designers can simulate stresses that develop during semiconductor package or silicon wafers manufacturing process.

This comprehensive multiphysics offering enables innovation in the semiconductor design manufacturing process where designers can evaluate trade-offs between yield, reliability, performance and material and manufacturing costs under real-world scenarios.

Solutions from ANSYS are widely used in the following segments of the semiconductor industry:

  • Semiconductor design (parasitic extraction, thermo-mechanical stress, solder joint fatigue, delimitation, creep, moisture and swelling analysis, signal integrity, package thermal characterization)
  • Semiconductor manufacturing (deposition, etching, planarization, electroplating, epitaxy, thermal processing, chemical cleaning, ion implantation, lithography, encapsulation and curing)