Engineering Simulation Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

With increasing complexity of medical products innovation and biomedical companies facing more severe cost and time constraints, there is a strong emerging need for Simulation Driven Product Development (SDPD). Virtual product prototyping with computer-aided engineering (CAE) software from ANSYS lets you visualize and predict multiphysics phenomena including flow, structures, acoustics and electromagnetics.

This ANSYS approach is widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, and biomedical applications to analyze:

  • Diagnosis and personalized medicine (osteoporosis, aneurysm, inhalation therapies)
  • Drug delivery systems (syringe, inhaler, eluting stent)
  • Medical devices performance (prosthesis, stent, blood pumps, inhaler)
  • Physiological modeling (cardiovascular flows, respiratory system, skeleton, soft tissues)

The insight you gain using CAE software from ANSYS allows you to make accurate predictions, rapidly troubleshoot large numbers of scenarios, and achieve overall cost reduction in development projects while reducing cycle time. The fully integrated simulation approach is also gaining recognition as a valuable tool for streamlining the regulatory approval process.

ANSYS brings comprehensive multiphysics solutions to the healthcare industry through advanced technology such as dynamics, mechanical modeling, fluid structure interaction, electromagnetics, and optimization in an adaptive architecture.