Government & Defense Industry

ANSYS makes the latest engineering simulation technology available to the government and defense industry for analysis of military structures, aircrafts, vehicles, ships and weapons. ANSYS benefits include the ability to:

  • Meet shorter timescales and to remain competitive
  • Conduct R&D with sophisticated yet flexible tools
  • Modify designs quickly and easily, with few prototypes
  • Meet strict military code compliance

Defense companies and governmental agencies face the challenge of coping with a rapidly changing military and security scene. Since the end of the Cold War, there has been both an increased level as well as a changed nature of threats associated with urban warfare, terrorist bombings and accidental explosions. Governments and industry have been compelled to place an even stronger emphasis on improving and developing new technologies, equipment, and protection concepts for systems under blast, shock and impact loading.

In this respect, ANSYS Inc.’s range of transient dynamics, CFD and structural analysis software is well proven to be extremely powerful for simulating blast and impact events. ANSYS’ software provides a rapid and cost-effective way to evaluate the performance of defense and security systems, and has become an important tool for understanding and predicting the response of such systems under a wide range of threat scenarios.