'Engineering Simulation Solutions for Electronics

The suite of products from ANSYS provides electronics engineers with an unequalled depth and unparalleled breath of simulation technologies. These technologies include PCB and system level thermal management, acoustic analysis, vibration and drop test analysis, and electro magnetic simulation including EMI and EMC. This comprehensive multiphysics capability enables the engineers to examine the interactions between different physics and optimize product design with conflicting design specifications, such as performance cost, weight, and mechanical and thermal reliability.

The ANSYS Workbench platform allows engineering simulation to be conducted in a unified user environment with direct connectivity to MCAD, ECAD and leading electrical simulation tools, which improves efficiency, reduces redundancy and allows for true Simulation Driven Product Development.

ANSYS solutions are widely used in the following segments of the electronics industry:

Aerospace and Automotive Electronics

Thermal management, thermo-mechanical stress, modal and vibration analysis, antenna radiation patterns, high-frequency electromagnetic analysis, PCB thermal modeling.

Computer and Storage

Two-way FSI, vibration, micro channels and impingement cooling, vibration analysis; acoustic analysis, rigid and flexible body dynamics.

Consumer Electronics

Drop test; EMC, thermo-mechanical stress and Peltier coolers, natural convection and radiation modeling, EMI.

Industrial Equipment and Power Electronics

Low frequency electric and magnetic analysis, system thermal management, PCB thermal management.

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

MEMS, piezoelectricity and piezoresistivity, electromagnetic fluid coupling, thermal electric structural coupling, two-way fluid structural coupling, magnetic structural coupling, acoustics structural coupling.

Networking and Communication Equipment

EMI, EMC, system thermal management, vibration analysis, fan modeling, Joule heating.