Engineering Simulation Solutions for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

Chemical (CPI), petrochemical (HPI), refining and other process industry companies are responding to issues such as green engineering, energy reduction, sustainability, environmental impact, corporate profitability and global competitiveness through innovation and the use of advanced engineering and technology. ANSYS software and simulation technology, including fluids (CFD) and structural (FEA), is routinely used alongside experiments, correlations, and other analysis methodologies to help engineers better understand the product and processes.

The recent advances in modeling capabilities, combined with scalable low-cost, high-performance hardware, has opened new reliable ways for design, manufacturing, operation and optimization of process equipment including reactor design, pollution control, thermal and energy management, safety and structural viability, as well as product quality and process efficiency.

Learn how ANSYS solutions are used in:

  • Heat generation and heat transfer equipment
  • Mixing
  • Multiphase systems
  • Process equipment
  • Reactor design
  • Separation, filtration and distillation

For more than 30 years, ANSYS has provided simulation technology and expertise to engineers, designers and researchers, driving the concept of Simulation Driven Product Development. ANSYS develops integrated and easy-to-deploy software tools that fully meet the engineering need of applications in the process industries. The insight gained using these simulation tools reveals opportunities for increased capacity, regulatory adherence, improved product quality, lower energy costs, downtime management and increased throughput. This leads to the ability to optimize process and equipment performance, to shorten design cycles, to reduce capital investment and to troubleshoot risks.