Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

By applying advanced computational fluid dynamics, ANSYS CFX software is used to improve yield, decrease downtime, shorten off-loading time, increase capacity and improve efficiency in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Results have included:

  • increasing yield by improving flows in fluidized bed reactors and optimizing oil/water separation hydrocyclones
  • reducing operating costs through improvements in valve and heat exchanger designs
  • increasing efficiency of packed bed reactor by assessing uniformity of flow and investigating design improvements
  • improving performance in stirred tank reactors
  • optimizing drilling through improving performance of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) modulator
  • increasing separation speed in oil/gas settling tanks using
  • ANSYS CFX multiphase and particle tracking analysis
  • shortening off-load time in Product Off Loading Systems (POLS) by determining temperature of oil, pump specifications and need for heating coils
  • extending system component longevity by decreasing erosion due to sand particles through involvement in process component and system design or redesign
  • decreasing risk by simulating wind effects on oil-pool fires or by predicting propagation of liquid spillages