ANSYS Demolar

Introducing ANSYS Workbench - Parametric Analysis Of A Nonlinear Damper Model 8:35

Demonstration of ANSYS Workbench on a nonlinear analysis of a damper. This demo shows Workbench features in a comprehensive way: CAD link, geometry cleaning, simulation, report generation and parametric model update.

One Way Coupling Of CFX And ANSYS For Thermal Stress Analysis        6:03

With ANSYS, the process of performing fluid structure interaction analysis has been significantly streamlined. In this brief demonstration, we will review the process of performing thermal stress analysis for a T-junction assembly. CFD analysis including heat transfer in the solid ws will be performed in ANSYS CFX. The temperature distribution on the inside ws is mapped onto the mechanical model and an ANSYS solution is performed in order to determine the resulting thermal stress and deformation. of this is performed in a single integrated CAE environment, ANSYS Workbench.

Simulation Driven Product Development    25:53

This presentation shows how Simulation Driven Product Development is a reality with ANSYS Workbench. It demonstrates coupled fluid structure interaction, impact analysis, advanced meshing, terrain generation, CFD design optimization and dynamic simulation. The presentation has been designed to give an overview of the possibilities without over technical complexity.

ANSYS CFX Turbo System Overview     8:41

The ANSYS portfolio includes industry leading tools for fluid and mechanical simulation, as well as some special purpose applications developed specificy for the Turbomachinery industry. In this brief presentation, we will introduce you to the tools which make up the ANSYS CFX Turbo System, and familiarize you with the process workflow. The software components that we’ll introduce include ANSYS BladeModeler, which we use to create and modify blade geometry; ANSYS TurboGrid, for bladed component mesh generation; ANSYS CFX, for CFD simulation; and ANSYS Mechanical, for FEA simulation.